CRS Communications install and maintain digital and analogue two-way radio solutions and our suppliers and partners are essential to our success. They are industry leaders in their respective fields and provide us with high quality parts, products and support.

This in turn allows us to provide client focused, tailored communication solutions.

CRS Communications are a Motorola approved channel partner. While we can supply other radio brands, Motorola are our preferred radio due to their high quality and reliability in NZ conditions.

Team Guardian are world leaders in portable communications devices. The RockSTAR Two-Way Messenger is a truly global communication device and tracking system. It allows you to send and receive short messages from anywhere on Earth with a clear view of the sky.

The vast majority of our repeater communication sites are solar powered, this allows us to have low environmental foot print. Able Solar are our preferred solar panel suppliers. They provide us with excellent advise, products and after sales support.  

We have partnered with Flexi Rent to provide leasing options for our clients. This allows them to take advantage of spreading the cost of a two-way radio solutions over a lease period, and also has the benefits of being an operational rather than capital cost, there are also tax advantages that may be possible. 

We have partnered with Illumin Software Development, a local Dunedin company to build a GPS radio tracking solution using the Motorola APIs. This allows our clients to improve heath and safety outcomes by knowing where their staff are when working alone. 

J.A Russell Ltd / Radcliffe Electrical provide us with the majority of our cabling and installation hardware, the quality of their products and their ability to deliver out to Mosgiel is a great benefit to us.

RFI Technology Solutions are an industry leader in antenna development and production. We use a number of RFI antennas for a wide range of applications, they have proven to be an excellent product that works exceptionally well in rugged New Zealand conditions.


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